Dragonfly Designs by Alisa

This is my 1700's "Lady Ann Sparrow" gown.  I got the idea from watching Pirates of the Caribbean and Dangerous Liaisons too many times; I started wondering: What would happen if a lady were kidnapped for ransom by a band of pirates off the Black Pearl?  As it happened, the pirates had drunk too much alcohol (so
that's where the rum went!) and afterwards couldn't remember which town they'd taken her from.  She, of course, liked the pirate life, and refused to tell, preferring to remain on board with Jack.  (Now, really, who wouldn't...)

Because I started building this costume from the skin out, I began with a chemise, corset, cage hoop, and pockets.  You can see all those in the picture below. 

The next picture is of the underskirt.  It's a heavy cream brocade, with a lovely floral pattern.  I also have a petticoat underneath that, but since I didn't make that myself (I picked it up from Value Village actually!) I didn't take a photo of it.  It accomplishes its purpose of keeping the bars of the cage hoop from showing through the brocade, so that's all I wanted.

Okay, now I've laced the overskirt into place - which is sewn onto the bodice.  The overskirt is really long, but it's caught up into pretty draping in back and on the sides by using loops of ribbon on the inside.  I can adjust how high I drape the skirt by simply pulling the ribbons tighter or loosening them.

In the above picture, you can see the stomacher hanging off the right side.  It actually is a separate piece; in the 1700's, stomachers were pinned in place, but when I tried, I couldn't get it to feel secure enough using only pins.  So naturally, I cheated, by sewing in four large snaps, two on each side.  They don't show, and I still use pins between the snaps to hold the sides firmly in place.  Below is the stomacher.

And here is a close up picture of the stomacher.  Yes, I did hand embroider the flowers, and without a pattern, too - sorry, just had to brag!  I'm so pleased it turned out, it was my first attempt at embroidery like this.  The center of the flowers are small pearls, which match the pearls sewn onto the lace cuffs and around the neck.  The base fabric of the stomacher is the same brocade as the underskirt.

And lastly, here is a picture of the cuffs.  The lace should have been part of the chemise, which is how I originally sewed it.  Then when I tried it on with the bodice, I just felt too much like a stuffed turkey - I could hardly move my arms!  Rather than re-do the entire chemise, I cheated again and made the chemise sleeveless...and just sewed the lace onto the bodice sleeves.  Well, it works - I can move!

I have purchased a wig off ebay, and will post a finished picture with me in full make-up after Halloween!

Halloween 2007

Here they are!