Dragonfly Designs by Alisa

Saloon Girl

This will be Steamcon II costume number 3.  I first talked about it here, on my blog.

Today, I got the corset cut out and partially sewn together.  Then, rather than finish the boring bits (like adding boning) I got distracted by all the pretty trims I could use.  After dumping out my trim box and sorting through it, I chose this for the front:

Very roughly pinned together, but you get the idea!  The back will have a big poofy bustle of the same red silk, and a long train - probably floor length.

I'm really excited about this one, because I think it's going to be gorgeous!  Lots of ruffles, bustling, lace, and trim!

Corset Finished (except for a bit more detailing)

I spent the morning out in the studio and got the corset boned, trim sewn, grommets grommetted, and edges finished.  And I'm really pleased with how it looks.  I think I'll end up adding a little more trim to it (along the bottom edge and perhaps the top) and sewing on some jewels or beads into the lattice braid.


The buttons disguise the zipper underneath.  I swear, whenever I'm not being all super-historical, I'm always going to put zippers in my corsets!  It makes it so much quicker and easier to get dressed!  The back still laces up, but now it's more ornamental than functional.


So now I did some more playing with trim, and here's a pinned-together show of possible options.  First off, I have just enough remaining trim to do this:


I think the top section is a go, I'm still on the fence about the bottom part.  I suppose I'll wait to decide until I get some of the ruffled skirt done and see how it looks.

Next we have a look with a couple kinds of lace/braid - this would be part of the chemise/blouse underneath the corset.  I was originally thinking of making something more plain for underneath, but maybe I like the lace???  If I did, I think I'd tea-dye it a darker shade, more like the lace rosette trim.



Isn't that lace just the prettiest thing ever?  Thrift-shop find, $1 for about 1.5 yards! Oh, and the closeup gives you a good look at the real color of the silk. In all the other pictures, it's way too light.  It's more of a dark cherry...so luscious!

I love how gaudy it's starting to look.  You really can't have too much gaud for a saloon girl!!!

Flounces - A Beginning

Played around with lace, braid, and silk today, and think I know what I'm doing now.

Sneak peak:


Instead, though, of having two layers of red, I'm going to have one red on top, then two each of blue and purple.

Ruffles 6/5/10

Did a lot of work. Got all the ruffles sewn together and the lace underskirt bustle petticoat thing done.


The gold trim along the bottom of the red ruffle is sewn on; the gold trim at the waist is still just pinned - and right now there's two different kinds because I'm deciding which I like best. I may also put a much narrower gold trim at the bottom of the other ruffles as well.  I'm also deciding if the waist needs some silk flowers and ribbons sewn on!

 I'm also in the progress of figuring out some sort of leather chest harness. That's two belts, there.  I really like how I joined them..  I just threaded one belt through the loop of the other. It's very secure, and looks so frickin' cool!


Red Bustle Skirt - 8/21/10

Finally done with all of the major sewing on this costume - all that's left is some trim, and all the accessories.

I made a blouse.  Just a quick, simple one, because I wanted it to have that 'undergarment' feel!

I also got the chest harness done - except for accessories. I'm thinking it needs a gun holster....  As per usual, when it comes to anything in the chesty area, the dummy and I just don't fit things the same way!  Grrrr. It fits higher and tighter on me!

Then, I figured out how I wanted the skirt to go, and sewed it together.  It still needs trim along the hem, and a cream flouncy underskirt under the long back portion of the skirt.  I've got extra fabric left over from the blouse, so I think I'll use that.

It needs ironing SO BAD!  And this color of red just won't photograph true. It's a darker, richer red!

 There are three hooks on the back bustle. Right this moment I have a brass bell hanging from the middle one.  No clue what, if anything, I'll hang from the others, but I like the look.


Red Bustle Trim - 8/26/10

Got the gold trim sewn on the bustle.

 Those hooks are going to be handy...so fair I've got the bell and a fan attached....

 All that's left to do on this costume is decide if/how I'm going to do a gun holster, make the matching top hat, and sew the silk flowers that will decorate the waist.  Oh, and sew some tassel trim onto the hem of the red bustle to add weight and swing.

Wearing it   11/21/10

This was my Sunday dress at Steamcon II.