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Costume Con 30

Judges Choice in the Fantasy/Sci Fi Masquerade!  "All the Whos in Whoville".  All eleven Doctors plus one extra....  For more info on this, see this blog post.


Oh, look!  It's River!


With Suzette, the First Doctor.

And Arte, the Eleventh.


Gallifrey One 2012

For lots more pictures of me wearing this costume, go to my Random Blog:


Done, but for goggles  1/26/12

And YES.  I'm calling this one done - all that's left is to put the strap on the goggles and add the red/blue lenses.  The lenses are being custom made for me by a lovely Etsy seller - and he's only charging me $4 (including shipping!)  If you need anything made, contact him.

 So here's what you're all waiting for - the pictures!




The blouse has its buttons finally!  Read more about the blouse, including pattern info n the post below this one.)


The back of the blouse is gathered.

For the cravat, I took a wide man's tie, and took it apart and put it back together.


I'm absurdly pleased with it - and it was easy too!  Maybe (after Gallifrey One) I'll do a tutorial for you guys?

It buttons at the side:


The buttonhole is all raggedly - I need to clip the loose threads!


Also, I finished the spats.  They are a deeper red than they appear.  Stupid camera that won't capture color right!  Like all my spats, they have a hidden zipper under the buttons, and they lace up the back.


 Here's what the suit looks like, minus the coat.  The bloomers do not hang quite right on the dummy - since I can't put them on her (her stand gets in the way of the legs holes.)  They are just pinned on in front.

Notice the pocket watch chain across the front?


And instead of doing blue plastic buttons as I did on my previous Tenth Doctor outfit, I decided to go steampunk with metal buttons.  Look - they sort of have gears on them!  I found them at Walmart, for super cheap, and they are so HEAVY and quality.  I'm very happy with them!

 So there you are!  And I'll post pictures of me wearing this very soon - this one is going to Gallifrey One with me, in mid-February! If you see me there, come up and say hello!!!  I'll have ribbons!!!!!

Progress!   1/18/12

I was snowed from work today, so I worked on the bloomers.  They are done - except for putting in a waist band.  Instead of simply gathering the top with elastic (as they did on an extant pair of 1895 bloomers) I'm going to make a fitted waist, then put the gathering on at hip level.  There is a LOT of fabric to gather, and I'm afraid it will mess up the fit of the bodice/vest.   The bodice/vest is finished except for adding buttons.



 Notice all the snow.  Gah!  I am so not a winter person!  But it does make for a difference in the making-of costume pics...and that's the only reason I didn't wait to take them until after the snow was gone. 


I draped the bodice/vest without using a pattern, and the front of it is pretty much a copy of Tennat's suit.  Only a little more fitted.  The blouse still needs buttons as well, and the pattern for that is the Truly Victorian #491.  I used the sleeve lining as the actual sleeves, because I didn't want them to be too bulky under the coat. 


I changed the back from Tennant's suit - I put some gathering in the back, and changed the peplum to more a bustle-look.


 And I lined everything in this awesome fabric!


Coat Finished!  1/14/12

Those sleeves were a PAIN.  I don't like setting sleeves, period, and this fabric was thick enough to make gathering and sewing in these sleeves a difficult job.  Thank goodness for seam rippers!  But here it is, all done:


The upper part of the coat is made using Simplicity pattern #2525, with sleeves from Truly Victorian's blouse pattern #491.  The back with the buttoned flap, I copied from pictures of David Tennant's coat.


 Glad this is done (even though it was largely fun to sew...other than those sleeves!) because I'm on a serious deadline here.  And I keep adding more costumes, so it's totally my own fault.  And last night?  I was dreaming up a new steampunk costume to wear to the Abney Park concert Jon and I are going to this summer!  An early finish to this costume means I might actually get to make it (and heaven forbid!) not have to wear an old outfit!    Plus, I'm really excited to get to work on the stuff for Costume Con....this long weekend, I am going to try really hard to finish the bicycling outfit to wear under this Ten coat.

The Coat

First, a few pictures of the original coat:


 And because it seems to be impossible for me to find a view of him from the back, here's one of a replica costume.


I thought of making this outfit Victorian by turning this coat into a 1895 cycling cotume, like this extant example:

 After a couple days of work, this is what I have...so far.  The sleeve is still only pinned in place, as is the collar.



 Because I'd previously made a Tenth Doctor coat (See the page: Femme Ten), I already knew how the back slit works, and it was pretty simple to make another, tailcoat version.  The sleeves, however, are being the very devil.  I HATE setting sleeves even when they are ordinary sleeves, and these...well, there's nothing ordinary about those puffy monstrosities!  Plus the fabric is quite thick for gathering, so it's all unyielding and awkward.  But I'm soldering through, and the jacket will be done very soon.  

How I came up with this idea

Concept: Female Steampunk Victorian Tenth Doctor

I'm going to do an entire blog entry on coming up with this idea, and how to "steampunk" characters that aren't steampunk, so I'll just put the finished concept sketch here.

 This one will be done by early 2012.  I have the fabrics - all I need is time to sew it!